Decorating the house as well as a tree is, and will always be one of the most enjoyable parts of the holidays. Growing up, I’ve always looked forward to putting ornaments on the tree. It felt like once the tree was up and decorated, that’s when it was officially Christmas time.  If you’ve read my “Keeping Tradition” post, you know that one of the traditions I wanted to start was making my own ornaments. Inspired by my parents’ DIY ornaments from their first Christmas spent together, I wanted to make my own. Starting with this year, my boyfriend and I each made our own ornaments. With each following year we will keep with the tradition, and our collection will continually grow.

(Let the crafting begin!)

My mom has a plethora of crafting materials and gems, so figured we could go through her stash to find something to make our masterpieces with.


Of course, the boyfriend decided to go with his favorite sports team (Boston Red Sox)…or in his words, “the best team of all time.”


Because this tradition was inspired by the ornaments made by my parents, I decided to recreate my favorite one that they made. Each heart is stitched with me and boyfriend’s initials.


I am extremely pleased with how our project turned out. We may not be the best crafters, quality- time spent together while making them was the main focus.

(Chris and Alana)

img_0026(B is for Boston)

img_0033(Red Sox on the flip-side)

img_0034(1981 meets 2015!)


With each new year we can make new, as well as look back at memories made in making these ornaments. And just think of all the stories that will go along with each one!

I highly recommend you all trying to make your own! If you do, please post them and tag me in it so I can see!

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