It is now the 16th of December… nine days left until Christmas! Where is all the time going? I know I’m a bit behind on my Christmas posts, but don’t fret! Posts are on the way! For now I leave you with some pictures that were taken of my boyfriend and I this past weekend. Being that we both have video production backgrounds, we both definitely feel more comfortable behind the camera than in front of one. But for the holidays we can make an exception. 😉

We decided to keep these nice and simple; there was no need to go all fancy or anything because that’s just not us anyway.


We just took a stroll at the nearest park (literally right across the street from us), and with the help from Brittany of Briale Morand, we were able to get some great pictures worthy of being displayed on some family and friends’ refrigerators! Hope you enjoy!



(My (-____ -) Face)


(My favorite of the bunch)

Hope you don’t mind the short and sweet post; Stay tuned for more holiday-themed content coming up in “The 12 Posts of Christmas” collaborative challenge with Briale Morand.

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