An Advent calendar is a calendar used to count the days of the Advent season. They were used for children to become excited about this time of year. There are numbers to represent each day, and behind each number was a special surprise from them to open. If you haven’t checked out my holiday gift guide where I mention a couple of beauty Advent calendars that are on the market right now, click (HERE).

One thing I notice about Advent calendars that are brought out by beauty companies is that there are always one product or another that I’m not all too fond of. So I thought,”If I were to put together a beauty Advent calendar, what products would I put in it?” Last I checked, Sephora hasn’t come out with one of their own, so I chose 12 products from brands that could be found in Sephora and set a budget of $150 (tax not included).

advent Calendar

Now I would love to say that I bought all of these products and am holding a giveaway… but unfortunately I’m broke as a joke right now, so the best I could do was provide links to all of the products mentioned.

    1. Rose Mask  (Sephora Collection): $6
      Why not start off with something from the Sephora collection? Sheet masks have been all the rage this year, and for good reason. They’re quick and easy. Just open a pack, put the sheet on, leave for a few minutes, and peel off. No squeezing out of a tube or scooping out of a jar, and you don’t have to wash any product off. With most sheet masks, you can rub any excess product back into the skin. I chose this mask because of its moisturizing & brightening qualities. During wintertime, your skin becomes more dry and could use a bit more hydration. Why not start the 12 days with glowing skin?


    1. Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Primer (Bumble and Bumble): $9
      This spray is an “oil infused” primer that is meant to protect and condition hair before styling. Six benefifial oils are combined to help make hair soft, smooth, and silky. all while protecting from heat and UV exposure. I use this product as a leave- in conditioner and detangler, as well as a heat protectant before I blowdry, straighten, or curl my hair. This is a great product when you want to style your hair for all those holiday parties and pictures!


    1. Mini Tidy Detangling Comb (Sephora Collection): $6
      A wide-tooth comb is one of the best ways to untangle wet or dry hair. You can tackle all those stubborn knots without causing breakage or frizz. I use the full-size version of this comb after I get out of the shower; After my leave-in conditioner and before any hair oil. This travel- size comb is the perfect to fit in your purse when you need to tend to those fly aways on-the-go, like when you’re riding shotgun in Santa’s sleigh.


    1. Roller Lash Curling and Lifting Mascara (Benefit Cosmetics): $12
      This mascara was designed to replace your eyelash curler. It is meant to give you curl and lift for even those straight, stubborn lashes. This mascara is also great for layering with other mascaras; I tend to layer with Tarte’s Gifted mascara for added length and volume.


    1. Raw Sauce (May Coop): $12
      I don’t want to go into much detail about this product because I plan on doing a more thorough review in a future post, but this is one of my most- loved products of 2015. It is a nourishing essence; a cross between a toner and serum. Made with maple tree sap, this essence hydrates your skin while prepping it for any other products to be layered on top. Can be used after cleansing and toning, and applied with fingers or a cotton pad.


    1. Pink Peppermint Blotting Linens (Boscia): $6
      Blotting sheets are such an easy way to get rid of unwanted grease on your face while you’re on- the- go. You can quickly freshen up with these peppermint infused sheets without disturbing your makeup, and the slim packaging allows for convenient transport in your purse or pocket.


    1. Revved Up Nailpolish (Formula X): $10.50
      Rose gold is such a holiday appropriate color, and this polish from Formula X is just gorgeous. The formulation of these polishes are nice and opaque (without being streaky), and last a great while on my nails without chipping. All key qualities wanted in a polish.


    1. The True Cream- Aqua Bomb (Belif): $22
      This moisturizer is definitely one of my favorite additions to my skincare routine this year. It is a gel- cream formula and is suitable for all skin types. The scent is very refreshing, and sinks into the skin quickly. For many, their skin can get very dry during the winter. The Aqua Bomb is the perfect moisturizer to give you that extra burst of hydration.


    1. Nano Lip Liner- Real Red (Sephora Collection): $5
      A classic red lip is just that… classic. A definite must during the holiday season. This liner is small, so it’s perfect for chucking in your purse so for any touch- ups if need be throughout the day or night.


    1. Translucent Loose Setting Powder  (Laura Mercier): $22.50
      If you want to step up your “baking” game, this product will definitely do that for you. I use this to set the concealer under my eyes, and I haven’t had a product that prevents creasing as much as this powder. It is very  finely milled, and glides so nicely on the skin. It feels almost like silk going on the skin. A little goes a long way, so even this travel size will last you a long time!


    1. Pure One- Step Camellia Cleansing Oil (Tatcha): $12
      Using a cleansing oil is one of my preferred methods of removing makeup. It is gentle for sensitive skin, but still extremely effective. It cleanses the skin without stripping any of your natural oils; Just leaves the skin nicely hydrated.


  1. Pro Mini Full Coverage Airbrush (Sephora Collection): $24
    Ending on a high- note with a makeup brush! If you don’t have a brush like this in your collection, you need one in your life! I have the full- size version of this brush, and I use it every time I contour. It is a dense fan brush, and is not only good for contouring, but is a great multi-tasker. It can be used to apply any cream, liquid or powder formulas, and blends any product out flawlessly. And everyone wants that flawless, airbrushed look… especially for those holiday parties and photos!

With all the prices of these products added together, the total comes out to $147 without tax. If you think about it, this actually comes out cheaper than some of the beauty advent calendars I’ve seen on the market this year! I wish I could’ve bought all of these products and put together a giveaway, but maybe next year! Or maybe by some miracle someone from SEPHORA will stumble across my blog and get inspired to do something like this. Wouldn’t that be amazing? If not, maybe one of you will be inspired! If you were to put together an advent calendar, what would you put in it?

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    1. Yes! A little really does go a long way, so you have to be light handed if you use it for all over the face. But if you’re using for under the eyes you can let it bake, and sweep away the excess and it’s amazing! My under eye creases without fail, and this is the only thing that has helped.

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    1. If you want something to refill, the blotting sheets are always a good pick. The mascara and may coop raw sauce would also be good ones. If you know her favorite perfume, that is a great option as well. 🙂

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      1. She likes Chloe!!! But I thinks it’s purely because I always compliment her on how amazing she smells. Thanks for great gift ideas always coming in clutch.


      2. Okay beautymarq I’ve ran into a bit of a road block… That favorite perfume we were talking about… Well my gf just went out today and bought a refill for herself… I know tsk tsk right… Right before Christmas too, anyways any other great ideas for her?

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