During the holidays, many partake in different traditions that have been passed down for generations, or maybe even just starting out. I’ve always loved them because they are basically a commitment to continuing a custom/ritual or belief. They will create memories, and each tradition is a reminder of those memories each time you repeat them.

For example: Every Thanksgiving after my mom is done carving the Turkey, she saves the wishbone for my sister and I to pull apart. If you’ve never heard of the “wishbone” tradition, it is basically where two people are given the wishbone and pull it apart until it breaks. As you are pulling, both parties are supposed to make a wish. When the bone is separated, the person with the larger piece will have their dream come true. Now every single year, me and my sister do this. And everysingle yearI WIN. Without fail. Even if she has someone play on her behalf, I still get it. It actually gets funnier every time. It’s something we can laugh about, and Thanksgiving wouldn’t be the same if we didn’t do it.

2015-12-05 21.32.23
(Honolulu Hale)

Come Christmas time, we have a few other traditions, but one of my favorites is the Honolulu City Lights. This is a month- long celebration funded and organized by a non-profit organization. Each year, Honolulu Hale (Honolulu City Hall) is extravagantly decorated with a new theme each year.

2015-12-05 21.27.14
(O’ Christmas tree, O’ Christmas tree!)

On opening day there is a huge parade throughout the city, leading up to Honolulu Hale and the huge Christmas tree lighting ceremony. Following the ceremony there are a bunch of events in the courtyard which include special performances, kiddie rides, and a bunch of food options.

(Mr. and Mrs. Claus chillin’ outside Honolulu Hale)

It has become a tradition island- wide for families and friends to join in on the festivities, and mine are no exception.  We did miss the parade because of work, but my friends and I were able to catch the lights on opening day.

(Pretty sweet tree huh?)

Displayed inside are trees from an employee Christmas tree decorating contest. There is also a wreath decorating contest, but we didn’t browse around those because it was just too crowded to get to that area.

This is such a nice tradition because you can spend a nice night out on the town, and then stroll down the street looking at all the pretty lights and take nice pictures (and selfies of course) along the way. It can be romantic with your significant other, or a huge gathering with your family and friends. It’s just the perfect way to get in the Christmas spirit.

For the Future: Most traditions are passed down to you, so you are just continuing a tradition that has already been started by someone else. I think it would be cool to start one of my own!

(Aren’t these DIY Disney ornaments cute? From tsum tsum tree @ Honolulu City Lights)

I don’t have a tree yet, but I do hope to start a tradition of making a new ornament each year. I was inspired by my parents for this. When they got their first place, they didn’t have much money to spare on Christmas decor so they decided to make some of their own. They made all of their ornaments and decorations and still have the ornaments to this day. It’s crazy to think these ornaments are older than I am!

(Santa has seen better days)



(Owl and Bell)

(My parent’s initials… before they got married)

I was thinking of just starting this tradition with my boyfriend, and when we decide to have a family they can make some of their own. As the years go by, the more our collection will grow. And every time we decorate and admire the tree, we will reminisce of all the memories made from making those ornaments throughout the years!

Do you have any holiday traditions with your family or friends? Any that you would like to start? I would love to read all about them! Hope you all are enjoying “The 12 posts of Christmas” series! To read Brittany’s traditions, visit her blog  (HERE).



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  1. That is such a great tradition to start — making your own ornaments. It sounds like it’d be a lot of fun! Especially with the kiddos, when the time comes hehe. Jeremy and I will have to make sure to join you two next year to see the lights! ❤

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