This time of year, everyone is in the spirit of giving. We all try to be selfless and think about our loved ones, but it’s nice to take some time to think of some things you would love to receive for yourself. I know a few of these items are pretty dang pricey, but a girl can dream right? That’s why they call it a wish list!


    1. ALEXANDRIA DESK by Zipcode Design ($219): As I mentioned in my X- mas Q&A , this desk is at the top of my list! As of right now when I get ready, I either have to stand at the counter in my bathroom or sit on the floor in front of my mirrored closet. This desk first caught my eye because it blends different materials of glass and wood in a way that is both elegant and modern, but is still unique with the open-faced drawer. Add a few clear drawer organizers, and the desk still remains chic and functional. This would be a great addition to my bedroom, and I would enjoy getting ready there everyday.
    2. 10x ULTRALIGHT SPEED DRYER by Bionic ($329):  I know, I know… Can this hair dryer really cost $329?!?!?  That’s CRAZY! It costs more than the desk! But all my life I’ve been using the standard, affordable dryers that you can get at the drugstore and they’ve worked ok. Not amazing, not awful, just ok. Standard drying time for my hair takes about 20-30 minutes, and I have naturally wavy hair. For those of you with curly/wavy hair, you know the struggle of blow drying your hair without getting frizz!  I’ve researched so many different dryers, and this one seemed to have the best reviews. It is powerful, not obnoxiously loud, and lightweight so you don’t feel like your arm is going to fall off just trying to get that, “just stepped out of the salon” look. This one is definitely a splurge, but I would not complain if Santa put this under my tree! 🙂
    3. WHITE QUARTZ CRYSTAL MOBILE by Urban Outfitters ($32): Crystals are said to be powerful stones that enhance and emit energy, and have been used all throughout history for healing, balance and focus, and protect from negative energies. Although I don’t know much about precious minerals and stones and their beneficial properties, it wouldn’t hurt to have them around right? They also make for beautiful decor. This piece would be incredibly eye-catching next to the window so the light could reflect off each crystal. And how nice would this look next to the desk? 😉
    4. BLOCK HEEL LACE UP HEELED SANDALS  by Daisy Street ($54): Do I even have to say why these heels are on my list? They’re gorgeous! They are on- trend with the lace up detail, but the creamy nude color makes them timeless. They are a bit higher than my usual heel height, but the chunky heel should make them more comfortable to walk in. These would be perfect to wear through any season because of its neutral color, and would be a staple piece in any girl’s closet!
    5. MONTHLY BRUSH CLUB by Morphe ($19.99/month or $239.99/year): Subscription boxes have become so popular lately, and there are so many out there now. It’s like Christmas comes each month since you have a package to open with new products to try; you don’t even have to leave home! Although they haven’t started yet, the Morphe company is allowing customers to sign- up for their new monthly makeup brush subcription box! Like me, this would be perfect for any makeup brush enthusiast out there… as if i needed to add to my obsession. With this box, you will be getting brushes worth $30 and above. It is not said how many brushes will be included each month, but you will receive new releases, limited editions, and if you sign-up right now you will also get the incredibly popular 35O palette! It’s like the gift that keeps on giving!


I hope you enjoyed my wishlist; maybe it gave you some ideas for yours? Stay tuned for more editions of The 12 posts of Christmas!



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  1. Whoa, all great! The desk and mobile would totally make a great combo. Too bad I decided to be efficient this year and buy your Christmas gift early. Wish I had waited for your wish list! I’m sure Santa has something up his sleeve though 😉

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