It seems as though everyone is participating in blogmas this year. I wanted to join the club on this as well, but posting everyday until Christmas doesn’t seem very realistic for me and my schedule right now…and I’ve already missed a couple days, lol. I decided to try something that might be a little more doable for me, so I collaborated on a challenge with Brittany from Briale Morand: The 12 posts of Christmas. To kick off our challenge we came up with a set of holiday inspired questions; if you like the questions feel free to answer them yourself in the comments below or in your own post with the tag “X-mas Q&A.”

X- mas Q&A

  1. Santa is making his list and checking it twice. Which have you been, naughty or nice?
    As much as I’d like to say nice, I feel as though I’ve been a bit naughty this year. By that I don’t mean the “I’ve been a bad girl,” dirty kind of naughty. I just feel like I’ve fallen off track when it comes to health and fitness this year. Beauty is definitely a passion of mine, but running will always be my first love. I made it a habit of mine to do several half and full marathons each year for a while now, but that just was not the case for this year. I used just about every excuse in the book not to go on a run or work out, and even canceled my gym membership (It was only sucking up all my money anyway). I also didn’t hold back on eating whatever unhealthy foods I’ve been craving. But I do plan on getting back on track, so hopefully Santa doesn’t give me a lump of coal this year… But I’d be fine with a charcoal mask!
  2. What are you looking forward to most during the holidays this year?
    I moved into a new apartment early in the year, so I’m most excited to decorate my place with holiday decorations! Growing up, my family was always made a big deal about decorating the house during this time of year, so I can’t wait to be able to do it at a place of my own.

  3. Cookies and milk are Santa’s favorites. What’s your guilty treat to eat?
    I love sugar cookies. Lately I’ve been keeping those ready to bake packs of Pillsbury sugar cookies in my freezer. Whenever I have a craving for cookies I just put a few on a baking sheet and BAM! Cravings satisfied in a few minutes. I warn you though, they are extremely addicting!

  4. Come Christmas morning, are we more likely to catch you rockin’ an ugly Christmas sweater or a Christmas onesie?
    ONESIES ALL DAY ERRRRRDAY! Last year around this time I bought a Christmas onesie from Forever 21 and it is still one of my favorites. Living in Hawaii, it can be a bit too hot to wear onesies all the time but I wear them at any chance I get. They’re just so comfy and easy to wear! If you have any recommendations where to get cute onesies from, let me know!
  5. During the fall and winter seasons, what trend will you lean towards more: a smokey eye or bold lip?
    I am definitely a bold lip kind of girl. Pair it with neutral eye makeup? PERFECTION. A bold lip is an easy way to bring a simple look to the next level. My favorite bold lip at the moment is SIN from Mac cosmetics. It is a deep burgundy color with a matte finish. It is nicely pigmented and not overly drying. I also recently purchased two liquid lipsticks from Ofra cosmetics in the shades MIAMI FEVER and HAVANA NIGHTS. These two shades were designed in collaboration with one of my favorite beauty gurus, Kathleen Fuentes from Kathleen Lights. She’s so down to earth and entertaining to watch, I’ll buy just about anything she recommends, lol.
  6. “Ho, ho, the mistletoe, hung where you can see. Somebody waits for you, kiss her him once for me.” What kissable-proof lipstick will you be wearing?
    Liquid lipsticks are my favorite right now. The one I’m especially liking is the oh so popular LOLITA liquid lipstick by Kat Von D. This one deserves the cult following; neutral dusty rose color that is great for everyday, great pigmentation, matte finish, and long staying power. Once the product sets it has very little to no transfer, which is what you’re looking for most in a kissable- proof lippy.
  7. Bah humbug! The sight of what fashion faux pas would surely turn you into an Ebinezer Scrooge? 
    I love winter fashion, even though I don’t really get to layer, since the weather where I live doesn’t really permit it. But one thing I’m not really a fan of that I’ve been seeing a lot lately is patent leather boots. I’ve just never been a fan of how shiny they are, I guess. Patent leather is one of those things that either you love or you hate. I’m not saying I hate it, but I don’t particularly like the trend either. 
  8. What holiday fashion trend are you always stocked to sport?
    Sweaters! Baggy ones, lightweight ones, ugly ones, chunky knit ones, I like them all! You don’t have to worry about sucking it in after those big holiday feasts, but they’re still flattering so you look good in all those family pics!  
  9. Fuzzy socks for your feet and gloves for your hands- But what’s on your head? maybe a hat? Or maybe a headband?
    Beanies please! When you’re pushing that 3rd day hair, you just chuck a beanie on and you look put-together without much effort. My favorite beanie is a maroon one from NEFF
  10. While opening presents, all eyes are on you, so make sure your nails are done and cute. What color will you choose?
    White as snow! I love the look of white polish against tan skin. It is so chic and matches everything. I also love this polish from Nails inc. in the color BAMBOO WHITE. It’s not a pure white, but is a pale pink that practically looks white. It’s a lovely color that is wearable for any occasion, not just the holidays.
  11. Let’s spice up the gift- giving! Something green for your bestie, something red for a frienemy, and something white for yourself. Go!
    If money were no object, I would choose THE BOOK OF SEXY from Glam Glow. The set includes 10 products from their whole range. Something extravagant like this is just what my best friend deserves. She is delving more into skincare and this is a great way to try a bunch of things from the well-loved brand. To tie in the color, the powermud and powercleanse packaging are both green. For my frienemy, I’d go with a red nail polish. It doesn’t have to be from a high-end brand or anything, but you can still choose a shade of red that matches your frenemy’s personality. As for myself, I stumbled upon these MONDAY TO SUNDAY BAMBOO MUSLINS from Aurelia. I read about them in blogpost from BEAUTY LEXICON. I like to treat my skincare routine as a luxurious experience. That way I look forward to doing it everyday as opposed to dreading a mundane chore. I have a Clarisonic, but I feel as though it’s too abrasive for my sensitive skin. You have a cloth for every day of the week, and it would look so elegant on a tray next to my skincare products on my bathroom counter.

  12.  If Santa guaranteed you one thing on your Wish List this year, which would you choose?
    I’ve been wanting to get a desk in my bedroom for a while now, so I have somewhere other than my bathroom to get ready. There’s THIIIIIIIISSSSSS one that I had in mind. I love the look of all the different materials blending together to create a beautiful, but modern desk.

Well that concludes the first entry to the 12 posts of Christmas! If any of you are stumped for content to post, feel free to do this X- mas Q&A; I tag you all! Stay tuned for new posts in the up-coming days, and I hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season so far!   


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  1. I love this post loads – great answers hun! I love onsies so much too – and think white nails look gorgeous, especially with some glitter! And YOU LIVE IN HAWAII! I am jealous .. it must be so so stunning. At the moment we are having very strong winds and rain, as well as it being freezing!
    Saira x

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