Goodbye Thanksgiving, hello Christmas! It’s that time of year again to get all the holiday decorations out, play all your favorite Christmas movies and songs, and get a start on that holiday shopping! I know finding the perfect gift for everyone might be a bit stressful so I’ve put together a list of a few gift ideas that would be great for her; your mom, sister, friend or any makeup/skincare lover out there. There are links below each brand name directing you to the website where you can buy the specific product. These will hopefully give you some inspiration as you do your holiday shopping, and maybe you’ll put some of these on your own wish list!

  • Advent Calendars: An advent calendar is basically a calendar for the days of the Advent season leading up to Christmas. There are numbers that represent each day, and behind that number is a surprise to open. Every year beauty companies have been coming out with these calendars to highlight all their most- popular products. These would be the perfect gift for those who either love a specific brand, or maybe have always meant to try out the brand but just never done so. 
This set includes 12 of their best-selling products (mini size).



24 Happy Days Advent Calendar: $105bodyshopThis set is a bit more pricey, but you are getting twice as many products than the set from Benefit, but the sizes are bigger as well. You get a taste of some of their best-selling products, as well as some products from their new ranges.

  • Gift sets: Just like advent calendars, gift sets are a great idea to try different products from a makeup/skincare brand. The main reason I like to buy gift sets for my friends though is so I can split the set up into small groups, that way one gift can actually go a long way. You could even combine several sets together, ask the lady at the register to give you some extra small bags to put them in and BAM! You’ve got gifts for every girl on your list!

Lash Stash: $45lashStashThis set includes 10 deluxe- size mascaras as well as a Tarte eyelash curler that you could either give away or keep for yourself! You could break the set up 10 different ways or 5 ways and give each girl two mascaras. If i was doing this I’d probably pair it with another gift set as well.

Nars Steven Klein Collaboration Killer Heels Lipstick Coffret: $49

narsThis set includes 5 limited- edition mini Nars lipsticks that were designed in collaboration with the edgy fashion photographer, Steven Klein.  Nars has never done me wrong when it comes to lipstick; very pigmented in color, but not drying, and pretty long-lastin in staying power. You could pair each lipstick to the personality of each girl on your holiday gift list!

  • Beauty Sponge/ Cleanser: A beauty sponge (whether that be a beauty blender or a dupe) is one of the easiest ways to achieve a flawless application of foundation and blending of concealer. I know I personally try to stretch the longevity of my sponges as long as possible, and keeping them clean definitely helps. A cleanser is great because it helps promote actually cleaning your makeup applicators. They’re not only good for your sponges, but great for brushes as well!

The Original Beauty Blender: $20beautyblender

Blender Cleanser Solid: $16

There is also a set that comes with both the Beauty Blender and a mini Cleanser Solid. Get it  (here).

Miracle Complexion Sponge: $6.99realtechniquesThis sponge is a cheaper alternative to the Beauty Blender, and works just as great!

A Tangle Teezer is the perfect brush for detangling your hair without causing damage. I always keep one in my purse and locker at work. It’s so handy when my hair needs a quick refresh. These travel- size teezers are small enough to fit any your purse and are still just as effective as the original size. It also comes with a detachable cover that protects the bristles from getting damaged when traveling. They make for great stocking-stuffers!

  • Photo Magnets: This is probably one of my favorites of the bunch; I actually might do this for a bunch of people on my list. There a a bunch of different sites and apps that use this service, but this is one of the websites I felt was both affordable and user-friendly. The company is called Sticky 9. They also have an app! All you have to go is choose your favorite photos (from your computer/camera or instagram), choose which size magnet you want, and they print  and send the magnets to you! It makes for a nice simple gift that is both personal and affordable!  To go to the site, click here.


I hope these ideas were helpful for you as you do your holiday shopping this season. Any one of these gifts are bound to hit the marq!  Feel free to comment below with some of your gift ideas! 🙂



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